Global ChildNet, with its headquarters in Vancouver, BC, was officially introduced at the Child Health 2000 World Congress. It is an organisation which uses the Internet to offer a range of easily accessible, child health related, on-line services. These services include databases and other information on issues related to the well-being of the world's children.

As a division of the Global Child Health Society, a non-profit organization, Global ChildNet also publishes an on-line version of the Global Child Health News and Review, as well as supplying information on the Child Health 2000 World Congress and Exposition. By utilising state-of-the-art technology, Global ChildNet complements the newspaper and the Congress to provide world-wide networking for health professionals, child health workers, scientists, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), health planners and child advocates.

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What is Global ChildNet all about?

The objectives of Global ChildNet include the facilitation of global access to credible information on child-related issues and the promotion of world-wide communication about these issues. To fulfil its mission, the activities of Global ChildNet include the gathering and reviewing of relevant and reliable information, the maintenance of several on-line databases, on-line conferences, and the publishing of on-line issues of the Global Child Health News and Review.

Why the Internet?

The Internet is the world's largest on-line network, and as such can be used to supply information to a large variety of individuals at dispersed geographical locations in a timely manner. In a number of countries, users at tertiary educational institutions and government departments have essentially free Internet access. There are also an increasing number of Internet service providers (ISPs) through which other users access the Internet at a relatively low cost.


Global ChildNet provides a variety of services which, at present, include the following.

The Web Site

Global ChildNet has a "web site" on the Internet's World Wide Web. The web site has a "home page" that gives the user access to the services which are available at the Global ChildNet Web Site.

Extracts from the Congress

The Global ChildNet Web Site includes transcripts from the Child Health 2000 World Congress.


The on-line databases consist, at present, of a bibliographic citations database and an organisations database. Other databases may be added to enhance the range of child-health related information available through Global ChildNet.

The records in the databases are being continually checked and updated by staff with the appropriate Library Science background. Global ChildNet is also arranging for prominent individuals in child health related disciplines to provide information and expert opinions for inclusion in these databases and different conferences.

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Leading-edge information sources

Global ChildNet continually conducts on- and off-line searches world-wide to find existing and new sources of reliable child-health information.

Customised information

Global ChildNet combines information from many sources to provide bibliographies, full-text documents, referrals and database searches on specific topics.


Organisations working for the well-being of children can, if they so choose, promote their information by making it accessible on-line through Global ChildNet. It is also planned that there will be links to a number of other child health related sites.


Access to Global ChildNet

At present, Global ChildNet is available world-wide through the Internet World Wide Web and gopher systems. This means that it is widely accessible in various regions of the world.

The Future

Paper Publications

Global ChildNet is also planning to produce a variety of printed information packages, based on the information in the organizations and on-line sources databases. These may include directories of child-health related organizations and on-line sites. They could, for instance, contain lists of organizations by country, and/or specific field of endeavor, as well as a list of contact persons.


Global ChildNet is planning for the production of CD-ROMs.

World-wide expansion

Global ChildNet is presently investigating the establishment of regional offices world-wide, so as to more effectively tailor its services to users in various parts of the globe.

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How to Contact Global ChildNet

Mailing address:
#113 - 990 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 4M2
(604) 682-6008
(604) 682-6771
World Wide Web:

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